Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Experience is a good teacher.

Hassam is about 5 years old boy which i keeping him watch during our hotel function, we set up a playing area for the children a train and airplane machine,which is not enough for 12 children thats why hassam and the other are insisting to climb at the roof and head of the train, every time they climb i told them not to,because its dangerous and every time they refused i'll off the machine.
From the beginning i'm very careful specially to a little girl about a 2 years old she wants to rides on the plane but she scared so i help her to the sit and after that she never let go my arm holding to feel her safe on the other hand keep watching about 5 kids on the train including hassam that he always on the roof of the train .
I feel relief when i thought the event is almost finish but the small brother of hassam call his mother attention and the mother start making picture with her mobile then also hassam make a post on the top of the train the next time i saw him is falling down on the floor, i'm three step away from him that i cannot able catch him, help him up he's face is about to cry and he is very loud his arm and leg are in pain ,(Alhamdulillah) thanks god he's alright no broken bone on the body,guest what after that incident he never go near the train again.

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