Tuesday, April 2, 2013


                       Allahu akbar (god is great) after 13 months  working of 18 hrs aday,
God never let anything  happened to me.
4 hrs of sleeping time at the start is very difficult,i'll allways feel sleeppy .
when i am alone inside the elevator my eyes close so fast .
its enough for to continue my work,and thinking that i am doing this for the schooling of my childrens.
Now that i deside to stop because of my Wife  request.
I know that Allah allows me to stop becasue Allah know's  that my body needs rest.
And one reason also is now the Saudi government implement the new law that no body allowed to work other than your sponsor.if they catched you working with other they will put you in jail then they will send you to your home..
Now i can sleep more hours in my bed it's feel good bur sometimes thinking where we can get the money for the enrollment of my children this coming school year.
Allah is always there just ask and he will provided what ever our needs.
this is my streght i know that allah is  a good provider.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday inn Riyadh meydan

                               Its been 5 months now when i was re asign in this new  hotel of holiday inn  riyadh meydan  and i'm excited for the opening hopefully end of this december or early january next year and see the 25units T.V 55 inches its built together in the center of the lobby and restauarant. Originally my first  assignment is  at Holiday inn olaya for 8 months it happends that this new building is only  other side of the road 5 minutes walk distance from my previous assignment.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Experience is a good teacher.

Hassam is about 5 years old boy which i keeping him watch during our hotel function, we set up a playing area for the children a train and airplane machine,which is not enough for 12 children thats why hassam and the other are insisting to climb at the roof and head of the train, every time they climb i told them not to,because its dangerous and every time they refused i'll off the machine.
From the beginning i'm very careful specially to a little girl about a 2 years old she wants to rides on the plane but she scared so i help her to the sit and after that she never let go my arm holding to feel her safe on the other hand keep watching about 5 kids on the train including hassam that he always on the roof of the train .
I feel relief when i thought the event is almost finish but the small brother of hassam call his mother attention and the mother start making picture with her mobile then also hassam make a post on the top of the train the next time i saw him is falling down on the floor, i'm three step away from him that i cannot able catch him, help him up he's face is about to cry and he is very loud his arm and leg are in pain ,(Alhamdulillah) thanks god he's alright no broken bone on the body,guest what after that incident he never go near the train again.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have been working for three months now in my new employer after my 3 months of vacation,i thought that my salary is enough to support my family needs ,but not because my wife is quit to her job early this year .Then i realized i have to get another job to earn more money so that what my wife earn before will cover it. I applied and got the job that i want at first i wish to work a part time only at least 4 to 6 hours a day but they need full time for the position i applied for and the engineer which interviewing me said take it or leave it, of course i take it.Now i am working 9 hours in my employer 12:00 am to 9:00 am and after an hour 10:00 am to 7:00 pm to my new job about 15 minutes walk only same department engineering which happends have the same company name holiday inn hotel but different owner.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Uncle noel

I can believe after 13 long years we did not see him my uncle Noel was visited me here in my work at holiday inn hotel riyadh during my duty of course im happy at the same time im happy for him because ican say that he's happy with he's family his wife auntie Jovel and his 6 yrs. old son josh. My uncle never stop telling how smart josh is.He invited me to he's house and pick up me when my off dayu come..and he's last word to me is he will give me a jacket and money when im in his house..

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

kingdom back

First week here in holiday inn hotel in riyadh is very exciting specially during meals time is like there is no tommorow you can eat all you can, my tummy is getting bigger and i need to go in the gym,But i also feel sad because i wish my family can eat the same the way i eat .730 nights again sleeping alone in bed hahahah i cant imagine how can i get over of this kind of situation i know not only me having a difficult to accept the situation but also my wife which i think is doubled what i feel.
Allah help us and strenghten us so that we will face and get over all the problem ahead of us.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hajj 2010 - The Big Picture - Boston.com

Hajj 2010 - The Big Picture - Boston.com

Last nov. 9-19 napakaswerte ko at isa ako s nabigyan ng pagkakataon na maisagawa ang pang limang haligi islam ito ay ang Hajj .Na kailangan magawa ng isang muslim minsan man lang sa buhay kahit saang bansa kapa.Ito ay ginaganap sa Makkah K.S.A ang pinakabanal n lugar s buong mundo.Isa ito s pinakadakilang pagsamaba sa AllAh ang nag iisang dios..dito si Father abraham nagsamba at nag alay kay Allah...