Tuesday, April 2, 2013


                       Allahu akbar (god is great) after 13 months  working of 18 hrs aday,
God never let anything  happened to me.
4 hrs of sleeping time at the start is very difficult,i'll allways feel sleeppy .
when i am alone inside the elevator my eyes close so fast .
its enough for to continue my work,and thinking that i am doing this for the schooling of my childrens.
Now that i deside to stop because of my Wife  request.
I know that Allah allows me to stop becasue Allah know's  that my body needs rest.
And one reason also is now the Saudi government implement the new law that no body allowed to work other than your sponsor.if they catched you working with other they will put you in jail then they will send you to your home..
Now i can sleep more hours in my bed it's feel good bur sometimes thinking where we can get the money for the enrollment of my children this coming school year.
Allah is always there just ask and he will provided what ever our needs.
this is my streght i know that allah is  a good provider.

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