Thursday, February 25, 2010


ASSALMU ALAYKUM! What a weekend friday,this is the day where all muslims going to the masjid(church) to worship ALLAH the only one god.SUNSTORM in Saudi arabia is not a big deal we experienced this almost every week,but today is different becaause too much dust and the wind is too strong.I remember the day of June 14, 2009 the first day of my work the SUNSTORM comes when im in the rooftop of the 10TH flr. of the hotel about high of 120 feet while im checking around of all the equipment.So im running to the service elevator to get out of the roof,but before that im so amaze to look around and see the big volume of dust coming and cover the buildings and houses out of sight .when im in the ground floor inside hotel im still eager to see what was happening outside,I can't explain the exitement telling to my family what i saw.ENSHALLAH in GOD WILL the SUNSTORM stop before SALLAH at 12 noon,we going there by foot it takes 15 minutes to walk.ALLAHU AKBAR!(Allah is Great)


Liz said...

Wow! ganon? daming dust? naku, di ako pwede dyan, kasi matindi ang allergy ko, di ako pwede sa mga alikabok, tulo ang luha at sipon ko dyan.

Great post!

simply kim said...

haba ah! ayan, parang may diary ka na. okay yan, next time lagyan mo ng picture..

Ronel said...

ate liz
mas ok na ito kesa sa yelo db .

Ronel said...

cge next time lagyan ko bili muna ako ng external blutooth. luv u